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Final Thougths on Nanowrimo


And so, I didn’t wrote 50 000 words in November. I was going to write my thoughts but the kind people of Nano almost did the work for me. The important thing about Nanowrimo is that you took the time to write the novel you believed in.

This year, I learned the lesson that I need to stop doing Nanowrimo. Not because it is impossible to achieve 50k, but because I need to be consistent. With all projects in my life. I need to keep a schedule, keep objective that are realistic and persevere. I’m glad I didn’t exhaust myself because now I have the energy to write a couple more words this month. I can tackle other projects that are in my drawer, that I set aside for Nano.

More than the competitive drive I need to think. And setting aside time to do so will allow me to do better.

I also learned that every story isn’t a novel. As much as I liked the story I was writing, I found a huge void. I was looking at the words unsure. Worst than that I felt it was all meaningless. So maybe, that story isn’t what I need to write right now, or maybe it was never meant to be. One day I might revisit it. Now, is time to move forward.

What is the lesson you learned this year?



2 thoughts on “Final Thougths on Nanowrimo

  1. The lesson I learnt this year was that it is never to late to restart. There is a story buried inside me, trying to come out, and it will come out when it wishes to do so, not a moment sooner. But we need to keep practicing and writing at every opportunity. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insight.

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