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Review – Trapped in Silver

Book one of the Eldryn Chronicles. Fantasy, YA, Romance Published by Of Tomes (2017)

I would like to thank the publisher for giving me the opportunity to review this novel.

I must say this book had a lot of interesting elements. I like Ava, her small town and the ambience it had going in the beginning and all of the sudden it all changes. And honestly that is what made me gave it three stars. We had such a interesting balance that got a bit of when the trio of boys gets introduced, I didn’t care for them, they were odd and a bit cliché.

Another element that was lacking was world building. I understand that the action and characters must be focal but when you introduce the reader to a world with complete different rules I feel that you need to present the world. And as the book progressed I never fully understood this world so I could never be fully immersed.

If you enjoy YA fantasy book this might be for you. It has a lot of action, surprises and a brave heroine, otherwise, I would pick it with caution. Final rating 3 stars



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