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On the final stretch

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As the millennial I am, I decided to share a GIF on how I currently deal with my master degree’s final project that I must defend with my wits. Oh boy! It’s going to be truly magic! Wishing I could call a trial by combat…. How are you peeps doing? I know most of you are still on vacation, getting ready on readathons or playing Dream Daddy. Share your times with the GIP. 🙂

May The Almighty GIP be with you, L.T:Htlls



The Tyrant’s Heir (Desertera #3) Cover Reveal & Pre-Order Info

My most anticipated release this year!! I can’t wait!! 😀

p.s Dying for the cover! It’s beautiful!

Kate M. Colby

The Tyrant's Heir coverShould a king elicit love or fear? Lionel inspires neither… and it could cost him everything.

Lionel Monashe believes he’s a terrible king. After ordering his father’s execution and taking the throne, he struggles to reconcile his royal duties with his innate compassion. His insecurity and inconsistent ruling lead prominent subjects to challenge his authority.

Chief among his adversaries is a self-proclaimed prophet, whose religious zealotry launches the kingdom into economic crisis and civil unrest. When Lionel attempts to make peace, he sparks even more discord and ignites the greatest tragedy in Desertera’s history.

Blame for the disaster falls on the king, sending Lionel in a desperate pursuit to find answers before he loses his crown… and possibly his life.

The third book in the Desertera series, The Tyrant’s Heir portrays a desperate power struggle in an equally desperate, steampunk dystopian world. This political thriller will keep readers guessing until the…

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Valar Dohaeris


I have been catching up with my sister and we already conquered the first 3 seasons of this show. I must say the show has an addictive quality to it, even if there are many easy resolutions to the plot and some scenes are just for shock value, I can understand why people can’t seem to flood social media with references to the characters and scenes.

I’m not sure If I will do a full review on the show but honestly I feel that this theme will be the most prominent topic as it reaches its end. I just can’t see this show ending on a happy note. We will see. My bet is that the dragons and the white walkers will devastate Westeros. What is your bet?

Also, I’m mid crashaton and will do a special wrap up for it on Saturday. What are you up to?

May The Almighty GIP be with you, L.T:Htlls

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Space Corgi

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Por//By: Next Doors
Arcade Game
Android, Itunes

Tendo em conta a obssessão dos internautas por Corgis, achei que este eram um bom jogo para recomendar. Space Corgi é perfeito para jogadas curtas sendo um bom sucessor do Flappy Bird. Aconselho a experimentar e tentem resgatar todos os animais!

// Considering the ineternet’s obsession with Corgis, this was a great game to recommend. Space Corgi is perfect for short plays and it’s a worthy successor for the late Flappy Bird. Give it a shot and try to salvage all the pets!

May The Almighty GIP be with you, L.T:Htlls

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p.s Also post number 500!? What? Who knew I had so much to share. Also, shout out to the 180 people that follow this blog. You rock!

p.p.s E já agora, post número 500!? O quê? Quem diria que tinha tanto para partilhar. E já agora um muito obrigada às 180 pessoas que seguem este blog. São os maiores e melhores do universo e arredores.

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Cilvie – Genius


A big production by National Geographic that tells the life story of Albert Einstein from a young academic to its final breath. The show has a lot of quality set visually through costumes and choice of locations, showing the changes in European cities in the twentieth century. I also have to praise the perfect score by Hans Zimmer that elevated the show to another level.

It’s was an interesting experience getting to know the man behind the myth, most of times revealing frustrating situations. Einstein was not the easiest person to deal with but the discoveries he did changed the world. In the end, the shows leaved a message that what makes a genius is the ability to persevere through obstacles and fight for what you believe in. Highly recommend to watch the show if you have time.

May The Almighty GIP be with you, L.T:Htlls