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The value of gore

At this point, most of you must be familiar with the plot of Outlast 2. The highly acclaimed title returned with a sequel that had mixed reviews between players. In my view I think this game was as powerful as the first.

I must confess this is not an easy title, there is very strong imagery and violence that at the surface counts only for shock value. People remember the experience for the messed up stuff that gives them nightmares and it’s a valid point of view. Most of the criticism claims that Outlast 2 dragged the story out and some of it was unnecessary. For me, I feel the exact opposite.

Outlast 2 surfaces in an era, specially in the USA, where rape is seen as acceptable if you use the right arguments. A country where legislation thinks it can tell women how to dress, what to where and force them to carry an infant until birth even if you don’t want that baby. This country seems to view women as a vehicle to sex, birth and sexy pictures that tease your wallet to spend money on the item presented. A mere pretty prop.

So where does Outlast comes into place? It shows you that its wrong! The fact that you even consider any of this mildly acceptable is a problem. And it does you in a way you can’t ignore even if you want to. Chasing you in nightmares and visions, in the corpses of violated women in the center of frame, in the lost of innocence and the massacre of unlucky bystanders. In the greed of corporations and agendas. You can’t ignore the smell of blood when it spatters across your face. That is the true power of Outlast 2.


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