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The horror of a personal opinion

In the aftermath of Carve the Mark and all the controversy surrounding it I think is fair game addressing the collateral damage.
Booktubers and the accusation of paid reviews being manipulated.
Which, in my opinion, is the dumbest story ever. I’m truly a fan of those creating awareness for racial problems and confronting others on their opinion of a book! Their. Opinion. The subjective and personal experience they had while reading a fictional novel not based on any real life events.
My favorite part is when paid reviewers are accused of being capitalist pigs and sellouts, humiliated on their manner of speaking or personality traits behind a keyboard.
Great job! Because how dare you have a different cultural background and life experience as me! How dare you receive money to pay bills and eat! Because you have to think like me! That’s the only way to have a discussion!

Also, Roth had a killer response to all of this.


Com o assentar do pó da controvérsia do livro “Gravar as Marcas” esta era a altura ideal para falar dos danos colaterais.
Booktubers e a acusação de que os reviews pagos são manipulados.
O que na minha opinião é a história mais idiota de sempre. Sou uma verdadeira fã dos que tentam criar uma consciência social para os problemas de racismo e confrontam outros sobre a sua opinião sobre um livro! A. Sua. Opinião. Uma experiência pessoal e subjectiva da experiência de leitura de uma história ficcionada e não baseada em factos reais.
A minha parte favorita é quando os reviewers pagos são acusados de se venderem e são humilhados publicamente sobre a maneira como falam ou os seus traços de personalidade. Trabalho fantástico! Porque como te atreves a ter uma cultura e experiência de vida diferente da minha! Como te atreves a receber dinheiro para pagares as contas e comeres! Tens de pensar como eu! É assim que se discute um assunto de forma unilateral!

Para além disso, a resposta da Veronica Roth foi brutal.


2 thoughts on “The horror of a personal opinion

  1. I have no plans of reading Carve the Mark not because of all the controversial talk surrounding it but because it simply doesn’t interest me. But all the negativity (especially from that that have not even give it a chance and read it) and accusations towards the author and readers that do like it appalls me. The beauty of being human is having our ideas and opinions. It’s terrible that people are arguing and devaluing others for their opinions. Anyway, great discussion to be made!


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