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January Wrap Up

I present to you the books I read in January to achieve my wonderful goal of 50 books in 2017. To be honest I was going to blend February with this month but my reading plans changed and I didn’t want to present a massive list. Without further due, let’s dive in!


I won’t do in depth reviews of the books but I will share my overall thoughts about them. A select few will fall into the categories down bellow. Overall, it was a positive reading month with the lowest book being a 3 out of 5 stars. The shortest book was 38 pages and the longest was 554 pages long. The book that took me the longest to read was Pride and Prejudice with the staggering record of 2 weeks.

The Good:

(*♡∀♡) The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Call me a bland predictable reading, I don’t care! The story was phenomenal, I enjoyed reading the point of view of german citizens caught in the middle of the nazi regime. I loved Liesel even despite all the mistakes she made. But of course the best part was the narrative of Death, the beautiful prose it generated. I was sold.

The Disapointing:

(╬ Ò﹏Ó) Ready, Player, One by Ernest Cline

I was expecting so much more from this novel. The 80’s as an inspiration and a treasure hunt prompt had everything to be an engrossing and fantastic experience but sadly it became rather boring fast. The author wasn’t able to find the balance between showing and telling and having to pick up every nerdy reference was a nightmare. Not advisable if you are not familiar with this era.

The Revelation:

Σ(O_O) 100 Romance Prompts by Kate M. Colby

The most helpful tool to create my novel and of course getting me out of a writers slump. The prompts are original, fresh and give you so many possibilities to work with so you can even do the same prompt twice. If you are a noob writer like myself please check this out. I heard there is a bind up of all the themes together. *winkwink*

Honorable Mention:

(・ω<)☆Girl Online, Going Solo by Zoella

I know!!! I know!! But I love Penny and Brighton! And once I heard this book was a thing I rushed into the bookstore and got it. It’s a bonding moment for my sister and me, since she is the biggest fan of contemporary YA, and it was a bit ridiculous not getting this one since we had the other two books. I didn’t loved it as much as the other two but it didn’t stopped me from reading it in a day… Well played Zoe, Well Played.

May The Almighty GIP be with you, L.T:Htlls


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