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Today I share with you a trick to cure the heartache caused by the dreadful reading slumps….. The marvelous TBR Jar!!

Did you ever glared at your bookshelf lost in the midst of some many prospect reads but still incapable of choosing because you just can’t forget the world you just closed the page to? Or when you sat at home browsing Goodreads everything seems a wonderful choice but once you get to the store you can’t remember a single title to buy? Then this trick is for you!

It’s very simple, all you need is a:
Sheets of Paper

After you assemble all the elements please proceed to cut some strips. Write down the name of the books you want to read. (Use assistance if needed) Then fold everything as if you were about to do a big raffle. And that is all! Next time you find yourself stuck just take a random paper and that is your book!
(You can only pick one at a time and you can’t glare of rage if you didn’t feel like reading that book. Some restrictions may apply)

And I did already draw a winner in January! And it was…


That’s right! The number one choice of all romance lovers. I must say I had mixed feelings about this books but I did took some lessons from it:

  1. Life was very unfair for maidens and its a good thing women are no longer defined by marriage in many countries.
  2. Never trust a guy that shows up out of nowhere and immediately hate the same person you do.
  3. Jane Austen is probably not for me.

And this concludes the marvelous TBR jar ramble. Please feel free to share any tips and tricks to beat the horrendous reading slump in the comments.

May The Almighty GIP be with you, L.T:Htlls


2 thoughts on “TBR Jar

  1. ai, I totally hate when I hit a reading slump (and I hit many during the year). I usually turn to a comic book, as it is small and entertaining. This seems a wonderful idea, but I just know I would throw a fit at whichever book was the lucky winner. 🙂

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