Thanks, Obama.

The purpose of this post it not of political nature, and only reflects the opinion of one person of the other side of the Atlantic.

Obama is now leaving the White House, after 8 years of being President.Throughout his mandates, he faced a lot of difficulties inherent to the job he was going for.

He was the first black president of a country that still has lots of issues regarding racism, and won in the first year, controversely, the Nobel Peace Prize, which only a handful of presidents have been graced.

And he knew how to be funny in probably the most important job in the world.


635885778280244001-1232146090_obama-anger-traslatorAnd he provided the internet with lots of memorable memes, that only a very charismatic president could pull off, while not caring about it, and for that, he’s legendary.

And he even handled American’s number one competitor with laughter.

And in the not so great moments, he stood up with a positive and intellectual look, leaving us with wisdom.

He was also the target of many people that blamed him for everything bad that happened.


And in the final moments, he still had the time to be another meme.


I hope the new President does his best. For everything, thanks, Obama.

May The Almighty GIP be with you, Que o Magnânimo GIP esteja convosco, Blck Dth Jqs


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