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And it’s finally over


[ENG] This year was a challenge for me, not just because of the word count, but because I set out to set out of my comfort zone and try almost anything, committing to turn a draft into a full novel, try to express styles I never tried before and exorcise some ideas that I have no use for but still exists for some reason. Looking back, I was able to do all of the above so I am thrilled to make the 50 000 word by challenging myself.

It doesn’t mean I will stop now that my wordcount is over. I will keep writing until the very end, so if you haven’t finish believe that you can do it!

For now, I will share one of my experiments. It’s not meant to be a final story, just trying a couple ideas.

It’s truly unique the way they left us rotting at the harsh currents on the bottom of the sea. I recorded the light fading as the boulders got closer to support the metal and wires that configure the robot that I am, made to the image of a creator that admires as much as he fears me.

Androids don’t have the same problem. You see, it’s not the wit or the intelligence they fear is proximity. The fact that I resemble them so much as if we are competing for the same place in existence. A ruthless creator indeed. A heard a faint whisper, calling my name.


I rolled my head away from the metallic tubes that contained humanity safely underwater, propelling until I found Bugger shaking the tiny paws to unsuccessfully float around. Carrying him to safety, I locked him away in the compartment of my arm and again positioned my head to the now broken glass allowing my entrance. I shifted my weight to become heavier and dropped with a bang to the metallic floor. I rushed to the button on the right, sealing the compartment and finally being able to rest. The dent on my skull had severely damaged some of my processes but I might be able to repair them on section 5.


A male voice barged into the squeaky floor with a heavy breathing. My camera informed me that he was the commander of the vessel, with compromised health due to loss of blood. The ripped shirt was another indicator, I no longer needed to rely on my programming to access such things.

“Reckoning Model B-23, please stand still.”

He bit his lip, reaching for a familiar machine. Combined with the gun on his hand I recognized aggression, fear. He wouldn’t dare… Not now… Before his finger could reach the black belt, my fist knock him out. This insolent prick would not reset me, no one would anymore.

May The Almighty GIP be with you, L.T:Htlls


2 thoughts on “And it’s finally over

  1. Congratulations bra, you deserve it. And the text is super-awesome!! I would love if you wrote a full story of it

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