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The GIP missed sharing his thoughts and feelings so here it goes. I know, asking for trouble are we?

I must say that the GIP is not new to the interwebs, a place where people can share and communicate with one another about many subjects. The GIP estimates that it has been on this place for about eight, nine years, almost a teenager experience wise. So if baffles this entity how many convoluted miles traditional media goes to gain some control over free speech.

I saw a blog award proposal done by a know tv station that premieres the blogs of this beautiful country. Some folks with an established followers base went on the same tv station trying to say how wonderful and great it was for blogs and how in the future it could be a way to give blogs a seal of approval, be something relevant. So are they saying what I think they are?

That a profitable blog is the one that has a seal of approval of media corporations and celebrities? (Because is all about the bling and fashion) Oh yes, a platform launched with the purpose of giving everyone an opportunity to share and have a voice? Yes, that one.

Even sadder is the fact they claim that this will give new blogs exposure. On a list that features mostly big bloggers and celebrities. Wonderful.

So there you go darlings, the state of the art for you.


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