Walk: Penha d’Águia

Me and Lea like to take walks. This time, we went for a challenge.

Sunday. The weather was cloudy, good for a hike because you don’t want to get too hot, and humidity was also fine. We stop the car, look up.


This is it, climb up, go around, and go down from another way, then reach the car.

We start our way up. The path gets steeper and steeper, but it’s fun. We go up and up, and stop sometimes to catch our breath. The scenery also keeps getting better.


Finally, we reach the top, but are surrounded by trees. We have to go around some ledges to get to another place to be able to see the scenery. It was really, really good.


After stopping to get some food, we start our way down. One fun thing about these walks is that you can find some effects of nature, that make for an interesting photo.


After going down for a while, on the other side of the mountain, the sea greets us.


After reaching the bottom, we walked by the road to get to our car.

It was a wonderful hike. Overall, we both agreed the hike wasn’t as difficult as people said it was, but of course some precautionary meausures have to be taken. Do you usually go for a walk in the mountains? Hikes like these are always fun, I hope you have the chance for doing it.

May The Almighty GIP be with you, Blck Dth Jqs


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