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Grim Fandango


First let me say that this is a highly acclaimed game that others reviews made me feel like I was a moron simply because I was not seeing what everyone else was. But let’s get into it.

Grim Fandango is the story of the four years of Manny through the land of the dead. It was a couple of playful moments and morbid jokes while exploring and interacting with skeleton figurines. It is heavily inspired in mexican/spanish culture with many of the names and situations refereeing to that element specially El Dia de Los Muertos.

The mechanics where a bit buggy and quite nerveracking after a couple of hours start pilling in. The puzzles were sometimes impossible to figure out and some included a number of steps that made the player run in circles for hours. The wide angle was a detriment specially because Manny walks… so… freaking… slowly. It’s so bad that when Jacques played a fifht of the first year it took him hours because he didn’t knew about the running option. That is not fun.. Trust me..

Just wait for it… Keep waiting…

But all of that could be passed on, players are different. Not everyone will like the same. What was trully unforgiving was the story. It was very weak, like all insta-love stories. The motives for Manny where not believable, for many years he saw injustice and never lifted a finger but one hot chick shows up one day and holly macarena, let’s sink this ship down.

Another nail in the coffin was the incessant need to jump a year ahead for what? So Manny could be the boss of something? It broke the story even more for me and just made it all even more confusing since it could have been done in another way.

Summing up, Grim Fandango is a good game for the time it was designed and it’s only fault is super loving fans that hype it way to much and can’t give an honest review. The game has it’s pros and cons like any other. If you want to play prepare a walkthrough or get ready to wander for infinite hours in the land of the dead. Good luck and my best advice is forget anything you heard about it and just jump on board.

May The Almighty GIP be with you, L.T:Htlls


2 thoughts on “Grim Fandango

  1. Loved the review, and agree with basically everything. I indeed waisted hours on the first year of the game…

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