Trail – Porto da Cruz (pictures)

So, me and Lea are “trail runners”, we practice the sport trail running, which consists in running and hiking on trails; and as we live in an island, are not hard to find.

Last Sunday we participated in one held in of the places in the northern part of the island, Porto da Cruz, and since I had already run the same trail last year, I knew that I could take some cool pictures.

We started by the sea level and made our way up to 330+ meters of altitute, before going back down to the beach again. Since I now realized I took a lot of photos, I will leave with this presentation instead of showing them individually. I hope you can still enjoy it. c:

The running was good; it’s always good if you can run along these landscapes. On the other hand, it was very hot and humid, and since the first part of the trail was a 2km steep climb, our bodies were aching by the time we crossed the finish line. Still, due to our crazy nature, we can’t wait for the next trail running (just kidding, at least two weeks for the body to recover hehe)!

I hope you enjoy the pictures and have an awesome experience when you go running or walking.

May The Almighty GIP be with you, Blck Dth Jqs


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