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An unlikely pair 0.2

I return with this concept this time with Illuminae and SOMA.


This series of books kicks off with Illuminae, created by Amie Kaufman e Jay Kristoff, where we meet Grant, a teenage girl trying to find safety after the attack of a private corporation to her home planet.

On the other hand, SOMA is a game created by Frictional Games that also created Amnesia: The Dark Descent, where the player must navigate the underwater station to figure out what happened to the crew.

Why do I think they fit well together?

Both are in the genre of science fiction and both deal with inhospitable places for human life. I think that they truly shine in the approach to humanity and moral dilemas. What does it mean to be human? Can we consider other intelligent life forms as human? What are ethics? What makes something good or bad? All in a series of files and similar information such as emails that the player/reader encounters as he progresses in the story.

So if you liked SOMA you should adventure in reading a book with Illuminae and if you liked this book this game will not disappoint. Both are great experiences too make you think.

May The Almighty GIP be with you, L.T:Htlls


5 thoughts on “An unlikely pair 0.2

  1. Although I haven’t read the book but played the game, I got an idea from flipping the pages, and I also think they match.
    Now I gotta read the book. :b

  2. Hello! I really liked this kind of post. I’m really looking forward to read Illuminae, I’ve heard nothing but good stuff about it. Totally trying both things! xx

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