Flipy is a free elf! + trip to Coimbra

Turns out I don’t have to do any more tests or presentations for my college. Although I still have to deliver some written works, college has given Flipy a piece of clothes, so I’m free! And to celebrate, I have some pictures for when I went the previous week to Coimbra, one of the most famous cities of Portugal.

Coimbra is home to the oldest university of Portugal, dating back to 1290, and thus the city holds ’til today a very academic spirit. Me and my friend went there because she had stuff to do in one of the faculties.


We left from this beautiful train stop, although the day wasn’t that beautiful.

We only went to the old part of the town, where the university campus is located. The city was so covered in gree, with trees and bushes, that you could totally feel the air cleaner than Lisbon. From this picture you can see the style of the architecture.


Unfortunately I couldn’t take any good photos of the rest of the buildings, (I know, I don’t have any of the university campus, which were the main thing, but you can check them here http://www.crup.pt/images/M_images/Univ._Coimbra.jpg )  they got all blurry. After lunch on the way back we went through a garden we had came across sooner that appealed to me a lot. This is it:



The trip back to Lisbon was very pleasant, as the sky had cleared.

I hope you enjoyed the photos. Yesterday I went to visit some monuments of Lisbon and got some pretty cool photos to show, which I’ll prepare for another post. Hope you are all doing awesome.

May The Almighty GIP be with you, Blck Dth Jqs


8 thoughts on “Flipy is a free elf! + trip to Coimbra

  1. Such beautiful shots! The architecture is really beautiful. And congratulation on not having to be tested and no longer having to present. I wish I could same the same, haha. And good luck with all the written work!

  2. Your day will come, just keep working hard on your exams and the day will surely arrive. Thank you, and good luck for all your evaluations. c:

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