A Rebuttal to the Attack on Strong Female Characters

Sara is absolutely right. This article is super idiotic.

Pro tip from the GIP: The bible, whoever as much it means to you, it’s not a valid authority or does it have the credibility to support any argument. It’s a book written by man, period.
If that’s the case, I can quote Mark Twain or Stepheny Meyer for scientific argument and let’s face, it won’t pass.

So my friend showed me this article this morning. Needless to say, she was a bit outraged, as are many women and men alike. Though the outright ridiculous claims don’t really merit a response, I’m going to give one anyhow, because, you know, I’m a woman so I’m too weak to physically fight anyone, so I just have to run my mouth instead. Can you guess what the article is about? I’ll post it below, but in the interest of not wanting to give the article any more reads than necessary, I’ll sum it up for you: Women should not be kicking butt in movies, because they are physically incapable. Sure, there are some female wrestlers that can kick butt (steroids were mentioned as a reason), but for the most part women are smaller in men, therefore we could never hope to fight them. As a writer of strong female…

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