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Let’s talk about…


First of all, I liked the book. Girl Online is the story of Penny and her blog Girl Online, especially when she has to deal with the unpleasant side of the web. I think the book was pretty good for the genre, it was fun, charming and it had a good set of positive characters. I liked the protagonist of this book because she tried to be a better person and learn from her mistakes, things that are missing in many other books of the young adult section.

While reading this it crossed my mind: Why did people not believed that Zoella wrote this? It was a solid debut novel, it felt that it might have been written by her. I guess the answer is, haters are gonna hate. The brilliant minds of readers that have no clue how a book is written, decided to crush her down.

For you to get the overall picture a book doesn’t pop up perfectly after a couple hours in front of a pc. It’s, honestly, a brutal process. I know this because I’ve spent hours in front of my manuscripts and they are no near ready for publication. And even after I get it done, it still requires the work of an editor that will tell me what I can improve, someone to check my grammar, etc.. Yes, a book is made by a village. So what was the harm of Zoe getting help?

What truly bothers me the most is that the reviews of readers and critics are even meaner… As if the story of Girl Online can be compared to a War and Peace. People do me a favor, put things in perspective! Books exists for many audiences and if the target audience is pleased it has done more than it needed to.

Thank you for bearing with me on this post.

Getting really tired of people’s shit, L.T:Htlls


8 thoughts on “Let’s talk about…

  1. People did that believe that Zoë wrote that? Sorry it was the first time I heard that rumor. Anyway there are many proofs that Zoë wrote that. Zoë has anxiety and panic attacks as well as Penny in the book. They both live in Brighton. There’s so many similarities. Anw, loved this post x

  2. Yeah, they assume that the ghostwriter did all the job and she only created the characters. Makes no sense…

    Thank you for the nice comment. I’m happy you liked the post. 😀

  3. I think Zoella is the cutest and I hate that so many people are giving this low ratings on various sites just because they don’t believe in the author’s credibility. Sigh. Thanks for addressing that in your review!

  4. @summer@Xingsings i feel you ,Zoe’s book open my mind and now i’m not that same girl that I use to be ,now I feel so brave to tell you guys wath i’m feeling ,I hope to find Zoe one day and tell her “hey thank you “

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