The Earth Hour


So, last Saturday night was globally celebrated the Earth Hour, an hour which cities all over the world turn off their lights, to reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere and to raise awareness on climate change and global environmental protection. For example, the lights of Eiffel Tower were turned off. In my hometown a nocturnal race was organized relating to this event. This event also calls for everyone to switch off their lights for one hour.

Although this is a very good initiative that every city in the world should adopt, I feel that this is an event that should not be reminded only one hour per year. The emission of CO2 gases is perhaps the most serious menace that humans face today, and efforts towards its mitigation should be made all the time. It is useless if we turn our lights off during one hour but leave our laptop charged to the wall 24 hours a day or don’t turn the lights off when leaving a room. Although the Earth Hour is important, because any effort is better than none, we have to think about climate change everyday, if we want to live in Planet Earth in the same conditions we do today.

I hope you make it through the week fabulously. May The Almighty GIP be with you, Blck Dth Jqs


4 thoughts on “The Earth Hour

  1. I love that you’re making awareness for this. Everyone should do their part. I remember when I was in High school working at a retail store I asked someone if they wanted a Reusable Bag to help go green and the guy said “why should I do it and spend my money. Why is it my responsibility to help save the world. Let someone else buy the bag.” I just stared at him.I couldn’t even speak. It wasn’t just his words, but the way he said it. Disgusting.
    You should watch the Julie Roberts Mother Earth Video.I actually have it scheduled to post on Husband and Husband tomorrow.

  2. Thank you for the comment. Yes, unfortunately a lot people don’t care about climate change. They can even say “How can I save electricity while my neighbour has every light turned on?”. It’s a job for everyone, and everyone should be truthly informed about, information is the key. I have heard about the video, so I’ll definitely check with you tomorrow.. =)

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