Museum’s day 2

As promised, I visited museums again this month and I took photos. It hsa been some time now, but last week was animation week, so I left the post for a future time, and here it is.

This time, I visited, by order, the National Museum of Ethnology (for those who didn’t know, like me, it’s a branch of archeology that compares and analyses different cultures), the Museum-art collection of Berardo, the Tropical Botanical Garden, the Museum of São Roque, the Botanical Garden of Lisbon and the National Museum of Natural History and Science.

From top left, it’s the Museum of Ethnology, the Tropical Botanical Garden and the Musem of Natural History and Science. The first was kinda strange, it had lots of items like the cow. The Museum of Natural History and Science became my favourite museum so far, i do not know how I hadn’t go there before. Those are real fossils of dinosaurs and they had a lot of other exhibitions, which include minerals, the formation of Earth, animals (this one was creepy as well, as they were all dead and it had some creepy fish that you felt could jump right at you at any moment), experiments of physics and maths games. They were all really, really cool.

In April I won’t be in Lisbon for the free day, but in May I’ll go for a final time, and of course, take pictures. Hope you enjoyed it.

May The Almighty GIP be with you, Blck Dth Jqs


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