Underrated movie II

Now it is my turn to name a movie I feel the public doesn’t appreciate much, unjustly. My choice was:


Directed by: Peter Sohn

With: Raymond Ochoa, Francis McDormand

Animation, Adventure, Comedy, 1h33 min, PG

This movie, made by Pixar, came out shortly after its Oscar-winning movie Inside Out, and was quite overshadowed by it. The problem with Pixar movies is that generally everyone sets their expectations too high. Although this is a good sign that Pixar has a history of dazzling us with beautiful magic, going to the cinema expecting a lot is a double-edge sword, as it can divert us from what the movie is trying to deliver to the viewers, which I think happened in this case.

The Good Dinosaur tells us the story of how Arlo, the dinosaur, met “Spot”, the human, and their adventure trying to get home. I thought the beauty of this movie was found on enjoying its simplicity. I have to say the scenery is the best one I’ve seen, the landscapping is incredibly gorgeous!, the water really felt like it was real. And I promise the movie is just as magic as the poster looks. It’s a journey of feels.

So, for those who haven’t seen it yet, what I recommend is just to sit back and let your heart direct you. You’ll find a Spot in it (pun intended) for Arlo and company.

May The Almighty GIP be with you, Blck Dth Jqs


2 thoughts on “Underrated movie II

  1. I had no idea this even existed so your’e right about it being overshadowed by Inside Out. I haven’t seen the latter film either though. But I love how you said the dinosaur meets the human. Sounds refreshing!

  2. Thank you for the comment. c:
    Yes, looks like they didn’t bet much on publicity and the bad critics didn’t help…
    Watch them when you have the time, I’m sure it you’ll enjoy them. (=

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