Worth watching – old cartoons

So, today is my turn and I’m gonna share some cartoons that I could not pass without when I was a kid.


The Adventures of Tintin.

These are the television series adaptation of the famous books of the same name, written by Hergé, about the reporter Tintin solving numerous mysterious cases. It’s a series full of mystery, but his sidekicks, Milu, Captain Haddock, the Dupond brothers and Professor Tournesol bring a lot of humour to the scenes.

Created by Stéphane Bernasconi Mystery, Family, TV series, 3 seasons, 39 episodes (22 minutes)


Garfield and Friends

Now is everybody’s favourite cat, Garfield (a.k.a. the lasagna cat). Based on the comic strip Garfield, written by Jim Davis, this humour series portraits the daily life of Garfield getting into trouble with his palls Oddie the dog and owner John, and also a smaller different segment called Orson’s Farm, based on comic strips of the same writer, with the rest of the animals you see in the picture.

Created by Film Roman and United Media, Comedy, Family, TV series, 7 seasons, 121 episodes (23 minutes)



I know that this is an anime, but well, when I watched it I didn’t know the difference to a cartoon, so here it is. Doraemon is a cat robot that came from the future to aid Nobita. He possesses multiple gadgets inside his pocket (it’s from the future) that Nobita doesn’t usually  use for the best needs so ends up regretting and promising he’ll use them for the good next time. Since this series ran for a long time, it is probably the one I am most attached to because it accompanied me through a lot of years

Created by Fujiko Fugio, Comedy, Children, Anime, 1787 episodes (7 minutes)

I hope these satisfy you if you decide to watch some old cartoons. In order, I watched them in French, English and Spanish. Who knew cartoons could be language educational?

May The Almighty GIP be with you, Blck Dth Jqs


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