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Read of February – Consent


Consent by Nancy Ohlin
Young Adult, Contemporary, Music, Fiction
Published in November, 2015 by Simon Pulse

*this reviews has light spoilers*

The story of Consent was tricky, there where a lot of grey areas and moments that made me cringe.

On Bea, I think there was no need for the dramatic background, she could have a normal life and that could maybe trigger some interesting dynamics,  the hardships kind of gave her a free pass.

Dane was a very questionable character and I think that as a teacher you should always try to keep a professional separation between yourself and the student, especially if the student is a teenager that can easily be persuaded.

I must say the true beauty of this melodic romance is in the discussion it brings. Are the student/teacher relationships ok? What about the age of consent? Should it be a 16? Higher? Lower? Why should two teenagers who are developing and discovering their sexuality be arrested, if their affair gets reported, if they are bellow the age of consent? Why does a country that has no problem teaching kids how to drive at 16 or handle guns sooner than that, sometimes, has a problem with letting teenagers be responsible for their sexuality?

As you can see, many questions.

I feel the novel was not one of my favorites but I will advise to read it if not to startle a reflection.

You can read the book at Riveted until March 11th in this link:

May The Almighty GIP be with you, L.T:Htlls


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