Movie review – Spotlight


Two days ago I went to the cinema to watch Spotlight, knowing that it was one of the favourite movies to win the Oscar for Best Picture. To say the least, the movie didn’t fail my expectations.

The movie was based on true facts. It regarded an investigation lead by the Spotlight team, a reporters team from the newspaper Boston Globe that initially investigated child abuses from priests in Boston, but later uncovered a whole scheme in a global level, that we know today. If I chose a word for the movie, it would be – truth. That’s what the film is all about, a hot pursuit in the discovery of the truth. Although the story is not the strongest point, the movie is very well directed and you won’t feel like taking your face away from the screen.

Best acting – Mark Ruffalo. I’m gonna leave my favourite part, that I luckily found online. Go to minute 1:48.

The only weak part of the movie, and I’m not sure it can be called a weak part, was the beginning. I felt like it took some time to get to the pace of the movie. But well, we need some context to better understand the movie.

Overall, I give it a 9/10. It’s definitely worth watching.

May The Almighty GIP be with you. Blck Dth Jqs






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