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January Read – Red Queen


Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy, Fiction

Published on 2015 by Harper Teen

Man what to say about this book… I have a thing against publicity stunts for books when they quote to many books and compare the book I am currently holding to others… The Red Queen had a huge a red flag at start. The Hungers Games, Divergent and The Selection plus X-Men and Game of Thrones.. Holy gzimo!

This is not ok. This things do not go together and I’m not ok… (For me if a book is great it will speak on it’s own. The Hunger Games was fantastic and had none of these stunts. Just let things flow…)

Truth being told the book was not bad. The story was intriguing, I had a blast reading, I loved some characters such as Cal, Maven, the Queen, Farley… The world was built to it’s own beat and Victoria had her own style. These are the plus.

Not so great: It was heavy, lack of better word.
She tried so hard to be different from other YA that it back fired a bit adding that to the intense narrative that always felt dislocated from Mare, she was just a narrative and it bother me a bit. (I felt evaluating a bit more that she never quite evolved from the beginning… And it left me puzzled…)
The great thing about YA is the silly and douchy characters that some along but that we emotionally connect with and in the effort to push it into a more mature level that good trade got lost.

A lot of great concepts were not used to the full potential, there was never those slow chapter to sunk the story in your guts and to hit you where it hurts the most when some people leave the pages forever. Some deaths where sad but they had potential to be devastating if the characters were explored a bit more.

The main sin of this book, to little, to soon.

But I did liked it, i finish it a lot sooner that expected because I couldn’t stop reading and needed to know what was going to happen next and now my January read is gone! (Thanks Victoria! JK)

May The Almighty GIP be with you, L.T:Htlls


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