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Reading Challenge 2015 – August and September

September has come and gone, the summer is long gone and now I will bring the last update of the reading challenge. I will join the last three months of this epic journey with an overall look on all the books i’ve read this year.

Thanks for staying with me on this ride and hopefully I will fulfill all the categories on time. Without further delay… Here are all the books for the months of August and September.

(Psst… If you want you can check the other updates by this order: Update1, Update 2, Update 3 and Update 4)

A great birthday gift and the best standalone book I’ve read this year, hands down. Emotional, gut wrenching and a new vision on the events of the Second World War.

Truly astonishing.

A great memoir of the creative process of Nabokov. 🙂

Not a terror or horror by nature but a very scary experience


if it actually happens. Maybe the Buddhists had a point after all, maybe it’s best to simply disappear into the nothingness.

Yup, high school can be pretty hellish.. And yes, I could’t deny the irony of my pick. Nick has a very unorthodox and lethal life that makes you dizzy to keep up with the speed of events but it’a a great ride.

This read was a request from the author itself and I did liked it but it felt to short and fast paced. At the young age of 16, Esha has a long way to go and the future sounds promising.

With a couple of years on top of me, since first picking up this series, I felt it was time to read it again. It was a smart decision since I liked it more than I remembered. Sherrilyn, you are the best.

The second installment on the Dark Hunter series, suggested by my good friend Catarina from Catarina’s Public Diary is probably just a reminder, since she recommended the series years ago, but maybe it was time to a public thank you note.

Thanks much! U da best. :3

For me this category is easy-peasy since most books in the market take place in different countries of the one i’m currently living in so the cursed pearl takes the spot.

The fantastic city of New Orleans, the background for this book packed with action, mystery, romance and a pinch of mythology, is one of the most interesting cities to visit and I do hope to go there one day.

I was not ready for this book… Holy mother of revelations!

Well, this book is not just set in the future but also on alternative universes and since my categories are never what they seem this was the perfect choice. But maybe you should read Styxx first…

Not all book must be fiction and the mandatory book for classes turn out to be a important hand guide for the future of tourism in my hometown. Interesting to debate the future of tourism.

Fantastic lesson on nature x nurture debate. It may feel like a philosophy book per times but it’s absolutely worth a slow read. I do understand why it might have been banned.


This has been a true challenge for me and in the last post I will talk more about this experience. See you in December! o/

May The Almighty GIP be with you, L.T:Htlls


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