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NaNoWriMo – Preps 2

The second part of my tips for NaNoWriMo is focused on the writer. Speaking from experience, November is going to be a very hectic month so I have a few steps that might help.

Step 1: Organize. Crucial… Set a time for the challenge. It can be a full day in the week or a couple of minutes everyday. With a routine, things start to get easier as time goes by. Let’s use half an hour everyday as an example.

Step 2: Don’t give up. As complicated as it might be, don’t give those 30 minutes for anything, only on emergencies. It may seem silly but if you can’t shift those 30 minutes later on the day, it will take a tool on the rest of the counting and discouragement will creep in…

Step 3: Forget the words. The word counter, as thoughtful it can be, can create an anxiety fever that will drive you mad. So the best might be just type along and update it once a week.

Step 4: Room for maneuver. Yes, you do have a pretty plan with all displayed neatly but maybe if you have an idea don’t just rip it apart. Experiment, loosen up and it might make the plot a bit brighter. Let it flow…

Step 5: Rest. As, or the most, important aspect. Don’t become obsessed, after your daily objective go read a bit, see a movie, work but don’t think about the manuscript. Being to focused hurts. And when it comes to the final agonizing moments of the end of the month, all the rest will pay off.

So, these where the tips for writers that I will use myself and maybe we can both walk away with a victory.

 May The Almighty GIP be with you, L.T:Htlls


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