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The series of disadventures of Clary…

That is correct, I ventured into one of the most known and talked young adult series and I must say the experience so far as brought me many mixed feelings leading me to believe that I might be under the influence of a demon sent by Valentine.

I do believe the series could have simply been a trilogy but I will share my thoughts so far…

The introduction to the Shadow Hunters universe was excellent. A good dynamic between the characters, scenes with loads of action, a frenetic pace with new information being thrown ate every paragraph. This series doesn’t rely on telling you, it shows you what happens.

Loved Clary. She was a strong protagonist, independent, pertinent. She moved the action questioning her surroundings helping the reader to stay on queue. The romance with Jace was quite nice handled what made me hate the plot twist towards the end. It felt like entering dangerous territory.

I didn’t felt that the book swept me off my feet but kept me interested enough to come back again to the sequel that was publish at the moment. And so I went to the next chapter of the saga…

This was the book that the series loses all its charm. Without giving away major spoilers, the big obstacle that makes Clary and Jace relationship enter a hiatus makes Clary suffer from Belladependencie. (When a female protagonist becomes dependent to her love interest at the point where nothing else matters. Vide: Bella from Twilight) This for me was the worst thing that can possible happen! They ruined Clary for Pete’s sake! And I can’t forgive her irrationality or the poor judgment caused by it.

Another problem adjacent is that Jace becomes the undeniable protagonist of this series since he is the one that moves the action while navigating to the foggy maze of his past. Which would be fantastic if there was a balance somewhere in the middle. Clary doesn’t need to disappear so Jace can take the lead. It saddens me a bit.

But not all is bad! The story is still interesting, new captivating characters come into play and the very charismatic villain starts to push the heroes into corners building up to the next installment.

What could be the final book since it goes full circle in a brilliant way even with its problems.

How was this read? A big agonizing since Clary was not in full health yet and she takes up a big chunk of the first chapters but she comes around. At this point we can finally enjoy the epic conclusion and the hot mess of that plot twist is blown away to oblivion, hopefully forever.

With the big bad guy gone and the society ready for a new period of peace i’m not sure how the story will keep moving forward but I will go with an open mind…

Are you familiar with this series? Then debate it dear reader!

May The Almighty GIP be with you, L.T:Htlls


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