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Diário de Uma Andarilha

An Interview with…

It is a Facebook Page where the lovely Yuri, a talented young lady, shows her art to the world. In her peculiar and well defined style she scribbles about funny everyday events or followers requests. There are also original characters created by her that make an appearance every now and then.

Generously, she provided this blog with an interview I transcript down bellow.

(Note: The interview was originally in Portuguese. Therefore, this is a translated version, so any mistakes can occur since translation is not a science. If there are any, it’s all on me.)

What does “O Diário de uma Andarilha” means? (The Journal of a Wanderer, roughly)

Actually, the name of my page was the name i gave to my comic strips that I used to make about things that happened to me on a daily basis. There’s “the journal”. Now the “Wanderer”, came from the fact that I always liked to walk around, with or without a direction, because its in those walks I organized my thoughts and found new places! And since i didn’t had a cool idea for a name, i put that one. But i try to justify that everything I draw is really personal, so, I think it matches.

When did the drawing bug bite you?  

Ever since I was little, I always made mini self portraits in all that was a corner, mainly in school notebooks, making comments about the class or something of sort. And I never lost that habit until today… but the drawing changed a lot. For example, before i used to draw myself with a hat that was a plate with a gelatin on top, and now I am starting to draw myself without a hat because I don’t use it anymore. And so on.

Why create a Facebook page?

 Ah, because pages are wonderful! You can divulge what you make and get feedback, what is, in my opinion, very important to any artist. Being positive or negative, it’s cool to see that you provoke a reaction through a like, a comment – without mentioning that it opens room so I can perfect myself in some points, for the dialogue, and to meet new people! And I must say that was also one of the biggest motives to creating the page. Thanks to it, I had the honor of getting to know many other incredible artists, and I hope I get to know more!

What are the plans for the future?  

Drawing more, ALWAYS! Because you can always draw more, and that is the way of getting better – and that is what I want. I still haven’t found my own style, and I also have to improve in a infinite number of things, but I feel that with time I will be able to fulfill those needs little by little. Of course, there will always exist many other things to be learned and you can’t master all of them, but you try to improve in what you can. I still have many stories that I want to illustrate manly in HQ’s, besides of also wanting to dive in the field of animation, because I always thought it was epic. Aaah, so many thing I want to do!

On the GIP we wish Yuri the best of luck and may her future be bright. We also would like to thank her willingness to answer all the questions. What are you waiting for? Go pay her a visit!

Acess the Page Here

May The Almighty GIP be with you, L.T:Htlls


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