2015 Reading Challenge – June and July Update

June was such a slowpoke reading month for me that i decided to join it with July to make an impressive sight. Some reviews are currently being crafted with low expertise, they might show up eventually. Without further do, these are the books i’ve read.

This was technically a re-read but i was in need of a good meditation for this amazing saga, so i gave it another go. If you have no clue what i’m talking about, check the almost review below.

>> Review Here << 

Perhaps leaning towards an hexagon it’s still one with crazy romance drama. So, if three are good, six are better! Wait, what?

>> Review Here <<

You didn’t knew? But it is true, ABC, if i am not mistaken, is giving life to the books in the upcoming show Shadowhunters. Since the book was not shabby, i am curious to see the final result.

(Review Pending)

Short. Sweet. And super funny. The best summaries for literature I have seen in a while.

(Review Pending)

Sometimes it’s easier to think outside the box. Considering it was mentioned in the Philosopher’s Stone many times i considered a book from my childhood. 🙂

(Review Pending)

Some people really hated this book. I did hate it sometimes. It fits, I sit?

(Review Pending)

Another funny book that in a few words describes a series.

(Review Pending)

Tales for tiny wizards must contain the fair share of crazy creatures.

(Review Pending)

Well that was it. Did you read anything that you would like to share with the GIP?

May The Almighty GIP be with you, L.T:Htlls


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