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Lord of The Rings

I tried to come up with many ways of creating a review for this trilogy until i reached a final devastating conclusion. There are not enough words for it. (Or, the better explanation, i just got lost with the almost 12 hours of screening.) So how to understand a beautiful world filled with so much magic? Watch it, the good times, the hard times and the ones that brings a little tear in the corner of your eye in this epic journey. Until we reach the end and beg to Frodo to throw that goddamned ring! Just do it!!

I will not deny the importance for the fantasy genre or the special effects that were so fantastic for the year it came out, better than some that are released this year. So fantasy lovers, pick it up and enjoy. All the others… maybe you can get introduced to fantasy with something lighter…

Bonus round for the English post, my favorite quotes:


And of course…

May The Almighty GIP be with you, L.T:Htlls


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