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[Literary Review] Kiera Cass – The Elite

The literary review will be absolutely partial since the Selection trilogy is on of my favorite Guilty Pleasures. It’s not on my top for being a masterpiece of literary metaphors and deep connections… No. This is a book that I open, lay back on the couch for a good read and to end up caught in the competition to win the heart of the prince of Illea, Maxxon. Like a cray cray fan with no sense of shame i devour the book to kill my curiosity and get one step closer to discover the winner, like a good trashy reality show, from the great narrative of the author.

Without a doubt, clever writing and a good structure seal the quality of the book and sharps and shapes up the true Ace of this story, the characters and their relationships. I must say I was a bit sad to see the more obvious aspect of the reality show gone to present a close and intimate dome but it turned out positive. It gave the needed space to the history of the country that it’s a great background to give a new dimension to the story.

Trying not to give to many spoilers, i must say if you like a good competition with pretty dresses and much drama this is the book for you. (And yes, i’m looking at you Keeping Up With The Kardashians fan. Come read for a Little while, it won’t hurt you. )

Hopefully the wonderful Editorial Presença will release the next book soon.


May The Almighty GIP be with you, L.T:Htlls


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