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Dark Places – Gillian Flynn

Libby is alone and tormented by the brutal murder of her family 25 years ago. Now, trapped my bad financial decisions, she is forced to relive the gruesome events in order to get by, starting a heavy emotional journey in the pursuit of the truth.


Raw Emotions – An obscene language, vivid imagery described to the tiniest detail do set the freeky tone of this book brilliantly to approach such delicate topics.

Generalized Madness – The author was able to adjust the characters to human, most of the times rotten, nature that makes you think twice about the rationality of some decisions characters Libby finds along the way. All this crazy people are put on trial and the terrifying sentence is that there is indeed some truth to them. If that doesn’t give you nightmares, i don’t know what will.

No way! – Many twists and turns that made me actually say this out loud. The narrative really helped to build interest and i was so into cracking the case that i read it in one day. (arrhh today…).

I can’t find any cons so for this mystery novel i challenge you to do the following. Try to guess who was until page 300. You can change your mind many times but at page 300 close the bet and see if you guessed it. I did guessed pretty early on but then i was thrown in a loop and failed. Let me know if you manage to do it. =)

Final Grade – 5/5 (Five Stars) 


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