Genetic Purity, Racism and White Privilege in Veronica Roth’s Allegiant

Wonderful perspective and a good thought on what bothers me with Allegiance. Please visit her blog and give her some love. 🙂

The Chelsea Review

When Divergent was first released I admired the questions posed about humanity and human behavior.  Though the followup Insurgent had some issues, it was fairly solid. So I picked up Allegiant 1) because I hate leaving things unfinished and 2) I figured I’d like it at least a little.  And I did like it…a little. But its priorities were skewed.   When we finally get to the main conflict it’s happening beyond the fence, where people can only be one of two things: “genetically pure” or “genetically damaged”.  With this, Allegiant had the makings of a really powerful message that Veronica Roth ditched halfway through.

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