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Chantress – Amy Butler Greenfield

Pulseit read of the week.

Chantress is the first novel of the trilogy with the same name and it focus on Lucy, a girl that listens to songs when no one else seems able to do the same.

Sing and the darkness will find you…

The tag from the book that her caregiver keeps repeating so she will be saved. As a great character, and great protagonist, he curiosity and the breaking point of simply not wanting to hide anymore rush her into an avalanche of events that, despite all, are not capable of breaking her down. Very strong, thoughtful, insightful she does a great job leading the story forward and keeps you guessing.

I will admit that i had so many exposition in the first chapters that made by head burst but i can’t say it’s a con, it’s simply a matter of taste. I didn’t like it, after knowing it was a trilogy made sense, but it can be others’ cup of tea. The magic practice resembles vocal lessons, so in my mind i had to kept remembering she was doing magic, not training for a singer career. (Made it fun, actually)

I recommend the book to all fantasy lovers.

May The Almighty GIP be with you, L.T:Htlls


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