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Cilvie Triple – Snowpiercer [1]

Snowpiercer starts the action in the overcrowded wagons  of a non stop moving train that tries to keep what’s left of human kind from freezing in the newest ice age. Created by a chemical in the ingenuity that would solve global warming, it went to the other end of the spectrum, in a never ending winter that would make the Starks proud.

With strong and vibrant imagery, the movie rethinks life as the constant struggle for survival. All is acquired through violence. I can almost catch a glimpse of a socialist utopia that dreams of the needed fall of the valley that puts hundreds in misery and poverty will a few selected ones can live in luxury.

Or maybe critic the society of castes that never wonders why it is the way it is and just accepts gladly without a question?

Maybe, i’m just letting my imagination run wild…

All the actors were well chosen and shine in their performances. Some of the actions scenes are extremely violent and gory so some weak of stomach may have to look away now and then but i stand by the idea that everyone, with enough maturity, should watch it. More that punches and blood, it’s a revolutionary trail that rethinks human nature.

May The Almighty GIP be with you, L.T:Htlls


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