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Four – The Compilation

This review will be short since my opinion stays the same after the conclusion of this book. I read the Divergent series before starting this blog so i never shared my thoughts but trust me they ain’t pretty.


Getting to know more about the world of Divergent was pleasant, since the books struggled with finding a balance, and more time for characters such as Shauna or Zeke was positive since they were left out of the narrative so other things could take place. (That didn’t do much for the trilogy).


Nothing new, except the last chapter. All the rest was simply adding to the familiar  and releasing something for the fans which i understand.

But a sudden realization hit me, one that didn’t made me happy. Four and Tris are the same person, something that crushed the third book with no separation between their mindset, Tris feels like an extension of Four and it’s not a good mindset for the protagonist of a series of books.

Ultimately, if Four was the protagonist it would be fine, it seem that the choice of aligning with other YA Distopias was a bad move for Veronica and i feel that Four’s potential was ruined.

In the end, fans are going to love it. If you are not a fan is a good place to start.

Final Grade: 3.5/5 (Three and a half Stars).

May The Almighty GIP be with you, L.T:Htlls


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