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Eleanor and Park

A story set in 1986. Eleanor enters the school bus impossible to miss with a bright look that catches the attention of everyone, leaving them spectacles, even our protagonist Park. From that moment on, a love story of awkward silences, bus rides, and geeky fandom begins…



Geeky couple – In the sense that it was refreshing that they were actually interested in the stuff that bind them together and it was not just an excuse to speak to one another. A little lick of reality well designed.

Eleanor – For the traumatic experience of living in a home where violence is a common practice and the reminder of how it breaks someone apart. It reminds us how gruesome it must be to suffer in silence since the shame was just to much and there were no support to those that need to escape an abuser. It makes me happy to feel that so many organizations did a great job helping victims and the crucial role they have to save lifes.

Reminder: Please ask for help! Do not suffer in silence!

If you know someone that is in this situation try to be understanding and a someone they can trust. Maybe you will give them the courage they need.


There are many references to comics, music, etc.. that not everyone may be familiar with. Not a total setback but it will leave you wondering. Tons of romance, i’m not a fan but i know what i was getting myself into, but if you are not a fan, maybe you should proceed with caution.

Overall it was a light heavy themed reading with a sweet balance. Nice for the free times on the weekends.

Great quote. 🙂

Final Grade: Four stars (4/5)

May The Almighty GIP be with you, L.T:Htlls


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