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Game of Thrones

After finally reading the full book in English i will give my review. I already gave for the translated version in Portuguese a while back but in here they split the first book into two. I must say that my opinion, unfortunately, didn’t change and this is going to be a very long review with my crazy theories. But first, the pros and cons.


  • A fluid writing that speaks to you, even though it is written in a somewhat archaic style is still easy to get engaged after the first couple of pages provide the introduction to this particular style. He is a great writer.
  • A world that lives, very well constructed. It was very well thought until the last particle of dust. Including the characters that people so much praise.
  • Daenerys and John Snow, by far the most interesting parts of the book. The always got me hooked and i always felt eager to know more of their story.


  • TMI, too much detail. To much of this can be a bad thing and it’s just gets me lost. Small details that are thrown at your face at every minute, to make nerdy readers happy of memorizing more details than the rest of the normal folks, that play no role in this introductory book or are simply forgotten all together. It could be done in other ways.
  • Evil without a voice. And for me a very serious problem. From a saga of books know for being surprising, i disagree, the narration is very obvious and it shows the favorites of the author, but it doesn’t have the balls to give a chapter to Jofrey, Cersei or Jaime to express their point of view and it makes them flat in that manner. If they would have an active voice on this narrative it would have been way better and i wouldn’t have to listen to Sansa over and over again. It would make them so much understandable and relate-able. But no, that would ruin hating the villains just ‘cus they are bad, mean people. So disappointed…
  • Questionable order. A very, very serious problem. The part that delayed my review for so long because i had to figure out a better way of doing this. I couldn’t stand the way things were presented in the books. It went like this for me:

Very interesting chapter with awesome ending –»» Super dull and filler chapter with nothing good for the action previously presented to me.

With luck i would get a couple of really obnoxious chapters and they would take so long that i would forget what in god’s name was happening before and when we got back to the action that interested me before, i was so over it that it didn’t matter anymore. THIS IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM! VERY SERIOUS! It just breaks any sense of trust between the author and the reader because at page 300/400 i simply felt upset and angry that the fluidity of the narrative was no longer there in the cheap trick of forcing me to read boring chapters to fill space, increase tension, and making the goddammit book longer.

It’s like being on a roller coaster that starts going up and it feels like it’s starting but it’s just a con, is just a small bump but the big fall is coming, except is not and it’s just playing you over and over again. And then it ends. And they just stole you 10 bucks for nothing.

It’s harsh but after a while this is a very serious problem and it makes me depressed just to think i still have 6 more book or so to find out what happens next and they are probably all the same. For the lovers fanatics that say:

Please you are just a hater with nothing to say. If you can, do it better!

For you my friend, i have a solution. Split it into two parts, Out of the Boarder, In the Hearth of the City. The first part would be for John Snow and Daenerys. I read the Daenerys parts first and simply ignored the rest because i didn’t felt like getting fillers, and guess what? It was a very pleasant read and i didn’t miss the other chapters are all. And i feel that John Snow is the same. The other narratives all tie up with Kings Landing so they are dependent of each other. If this was done the book would be way better, no questions asked.

  • Who has that again? Too many characters, half of them only appear in a couple chapters and die in the next one. Not relevant for anything in general. I don’t have time to worry about them. They could simply be a reference. And i would have been much happier.

So it’s simply a book with many praising fans that go insane, and i believe it was something new when it came out, but it’s nowhere near perfect. So just keep this in mind when entering the book.

Final Grade: Two and a Half stars (2,5/5)

May The Almighty GIP be with you, L.T:Htlls


3 thoughts on “Game of Thrones

  1. Hey, I appreciate your review, even though I enjoyed A Game of Thrones.

    I won’t argue with you about the amount of detail (which apparently I didn’t mind, because it made it all seem more real to me), and the complaints about the pacing of the books, with interesting action chapters and uninteresting following ones is a subjective ruling, and there’s no reason to argue about that.

    It probably wouldn’t improve for you in the following books.

    But your other complaint, about evil characters such as Jaime and Cersei not having a voice, although accurate for A Game of Thrones, is not true throughout the series. In general, once the second book starts up, there is much more representation from each side of the conflict (and there are many “sides” to the conflict)

    I know it’s unfair of me to try to convince you that the first book is better than your review based on the following books that build on the groundwork, which is why I want to reiterate that I think your review is solid. I do hope you’ll continue to read the series.

    A quick aside, I find it laudable that you enjoyed the Jon Snow and Dany storylines (which I did as well), since I occasionally read reviews from people who dislike the Snow and Dany chapters because the particular readers were much more interested in anything going on in King’s Landing. (Since Jon and Dany are the furthest away from KL, they’re considered unessential.)

    It just goes to show that there’s a lot going on with the book(s), and people like to focus on what’s in their wheelhouse.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Patrick. (And i apologize for the typos on my review, i only saw them now…)

    I was analyzing the first book so i have no idea what is coming next but i’m glad to hear that the Lannister’s get a voice. It’s something to look forward in the next book. =) (And i am going to read them since i am super curious about the rest).

    I understand their point of view but for me the zombies and dragons just won my heart.

    Again, thank for your reply. :3

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