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Reading Challenge ’15 – February Update

So this month was not so awesome, i was a bit busy putting quill to paper but a quality reading is not measured by how many books you read. I received the amazing Midnight Breed Companion Book and that was my reading for this month. =)

The Companion Book from the Midnight Breed Series, written by the author herself, Lara Adrian, it’s a must for the fans of the saga.Partially built with a graceful hand from her fans it’s a really helpful guide to the questions of this complex universe.

Structurally cohesive: You can really see how much Lara worked on this companion. Very well put together leaves no space for questions in terms of world building and that also shows in the books itself, with no loose ends on this aspect.

With the fans: The interaction between the fans and the author is very present in the pages. Big segments dedicated to the fans questions ans the possibility of being a part of the book just adds value to it. It also comes with fun quizzes to test the knowledge of the sage so get cracking and see how much you know.

So, mandatory for fans! Just a quick reminder, if you haven’t read Chase’s book you will find spoilers

*** Bonus Round ***

We also have the addition of the beautiful and highly anticipated story of Gideon and Savannah. I thought i could evaluated separately since it can be read on it’s own, you don’t need to read the rest of the book to enjoy it, but i liked it was added to it.

Gideon and Savannah are familiar faces to the fans but in here we get to know their origins and how they got together. I must admit that it was a short novella but it doesn’t fell like one, good timing, good plot and the reduced number of pages doesn’t deduct from the experience, which was a nice surprise. I liked the chemistry between them, it was believable and not rushed, the nostalgic feeling of glimpsing the past was a good bonus and the villain was interesting. I really enjoyed this one, it surpassed my expectations.

If you never read any of the books is a really good start.

Happy Readings for everyone in this cool month of March.

May The Almighty GIP be with you,



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