Cultura · English

[Oscars Edition] Ciilvie 6

A movie about the journey of Andrew Neiman in the acclaimed Conservatory of Shaffer in New York. In a steady beat he prefects his skills with the drumsticks until professor Fletcher sees him for the first time and selects him for the main band.

It’s an intense story that never slows down or stops surprising you taking to extremes the passion for art and the effort to get recognition. The unconventional methods of Fletcher can even be considered abuse, both physically and mentally, that he scars his students with the intent that this pain and humiliation will create a grand artist that from his sweat, blood and tears. The question is how much is enough? Where is the line?

As much as you point your finger to the teacher for the madness of Andrew, it’s easy to understand that both are very similar. Obsessed, without stopping, always driving until the absolute limit, never giving up. Sublime acting from Miles Teller and J. K. Simmons that are able to maintain the tension and clash that provokes the viewer.

Whiplash is an electrifying movie that set a frenetic beat that glues you to the screen.

May The Almighty GIP be with you,



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