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[Oscars Edition] Ciilvie 5

Selma is a enigmatic title for an event of great importance to American history, the acquisition of the right to vote to the African American citizens. It’s an important testimony and without a doubt the story of the fight not only of the people but of a man the world will never forget, Martin Luther King.

The narrative focus on the real events that lead to the creation of a march starting in the city of Selma until Montgomory full of challenges to a society intolerant to the acceptance of a different race as a complete citizen without restrictions. Racism is very present and makes us think the atrocities African-American suffered through many years, even after America with the Alies defeated a enemy with the same line of thinking.

Culminating with the redaction of “Voting Right’s Act” in 1965 this honest movie show us the fight for the equality of rights that becomes very emotional with the great acting from the cats and complemented by a beautiful and clever cinematography, with the smart detail of text that seems to be from the documents of the FBI.

A great way of remembering the victory of equality.

May The Almighty GIP be with you,



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