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[Oscars Edition] Ciilvie 4

Boyhood tells the life of little Mason since his first years at school until he graduates and enters college. A movie that took 12 years to make is a good portrait of an ordinary family with its problem but also it the moments of happiness. A truthful and honest story of the life it’s challenges.

While i fell that the almost thee hours is to long i believe it must be complicated to compress such a long chunk of time and as the first attempt of something, is understandable. It was possible to cut some scenes but then it would miss key elements that targets the audience with melancholy and the emotional connection would be lost. Because that is the Ace of this film, making everyone think about their life experience and remember the good times.

I must say Mason is a good leading character, well structured and it was nice seeing the world through his eyes, without wanting to take credit from the excellent work of the rest of the cast. The young man that changes and gets so many phases always wins with his charisma, the directors risk payed of.

Boyhood is described in a very simple way, simply life.

May The Almighty GIP be with you,



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