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[Oscars Edition] Ciilvie 3

This is the life story of Stephen and Jane Hawking, based on the novel wrote by Jane herself, where we can look at their love story since the first look at the eventual moment they fall apart. I must confess that this movie is a powerful story of the limits of human strength, and quoting Stephen, than where there is life, there is hope.

Confronted with a horrific and life changing diagnoses, giving him the life expectancy of only two years, it’s amazing the initial courage of Jane that gave Hawking the support he needed to rise and face the rest of his life with a smile. The sense of humor and the strength to work even being deeply incapacitated is truly inspiring. A man that deserves recognition as an example of perseverance.

For me, the most ambitious part was showing Jane’s testimony. The focus of this movie is the weight and deep scar that a disease so cruel brings to a marriage, specially the care giver. This is where the movie wins, in a mean that sometimes brings glamour to very dark situations, bring us a truthful reality of what genuinely happens in such cases. Jane gains with this experience so much dept as a character that she becomes the star of this movie, a strong, fierce, stubborn woman that takes her commitments seriously until the end compromising her own happiness.

The Theory of Everything is like opening an portrait album that shows the pain and human suffering but also, above all of this, the optimism of two fighters. A magnificent movie.

May The Almighty GIP be with you,



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