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[Oscars Edition] Ciilvie 2

The movie Birdman portraits the experience of Riggam Thomson, an actor that played a very famous super hero in his early career in Hollywood, and now tries to recover his career from scratch in Broadway, adapting a show that is very personal to him, Raymond Carver’s, “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love”.

While at first is not obvious what kind of subject the movie approaches, since the information is just thrown randomly and you just have to keep up to it, when it displays further and further ahead is clear that this is not a story of a rendition. Birdman is the fall of a great actor into the depressive spiral that haunts him and everyone around him in a place where cynicism, hypocrisy and the detachment of reality reign. This is the slow and painful death of a very depressed man, and possibly schizophrenia, that can only end in one way, death.

I must say the performances are brilliant and the characters well built but Birdman stands out for the choice of making the narrative in a continuous shot that follows the action with just one camera as the players of the plot move around the set. Again, a very visual movie that might not please everyone at makes it difficult sometimes look at the screen.

With a hard tone, sad, this movie is very reflexive of the not so kind face of showbiz that is there with the intention to shock or to make you think.

May The Almighty GIP be with you,



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