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[Oscars Edition] Ciilvie

Welcome! Welcome all to this special week were i will in a short amount of words, after watching them of course, talk about the movies that are nominated for this years category of Best Movie of the Oscars. So let’s move forward with this themed week that shall culminate with the delivery of the golden statue on the 22nd.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is a very intriguing movie. At first we have a monologue from the author of the book, also titled The Grand Budapest Hotel, directly to the camera. This is by far a bold way to adress the viewer as he enters a new narration where the author himself gets a hold of the story told him by the current owner of the hotel.

A story, inside a story, inside a story… and i just got lost…

Separated by chapter, which one with it’s own creative and enlightening title, we follow M. Gustave H. and his loyal Lobby Boy Zero.

Gustave is the concierge of this famous hotel and it’s even considered it’s soul with his presence, the great attention and care towards his guest and the perfume that stays in the air long after he left the room, L’Air de Panache. The casual life of the two is disturbed with the sudden death of Madame D and after she left the precious painting, Boy with Apple, in her will to Gustave.

While a comedy with unexpected and bold events, this a movie that brings a sort of light to the most serious and scarring events of world history. The great value of a work like this is the good timing comedy and the great work of photography and cinematography that resembles a painting or even a cartoon, making it unique. It reminds me of independent art and even many indie games such as Years Walk.

The canvas uses, the bright colors or the lack of it to portrait emotions are the key to this intricate plot. Let your eyes be entertained.

May The Almighty GIP be with you,



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