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Infinite Universe

New theory suggests the Big Bang never occurred

Instead, the Universe has simply been going forever.

A new quantum equation suggests that the Universe has no beginning or end, and it could also account for dark matter and dark energy.

Researchers have created a new model that applies our latest understanding of quantum mechanics to Einstein’s theory of general relativity – and according to their calculations, the Universe may have been going forever. (…)

This model was created using updated quantum equations and trajectories, and it also doesn’t predict a “big crunch”, when the Universe collapses in on itself a condenses to that dense point once more.

Full Article at Science Alert

Well, that was indeed unexpected. Let the games begin…

May The Almighty GIP be with you,



2 thoughts on “Infinite Universe

  1. Ya, a ver se mais físicos chegam à mesma conclusão… Seria engraçado.
    Mas pelo que sei até agora, o universo está a expandir-se, e a uma velocidade cada vez maior, o que pode indicar que houve um ponto em que tudo estava junto.
    A ver…

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