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Favorite Youtube – CutiePie Marzia

CutiePieMarzia, or Marzia Bisognin, is by far one of the best youtubers i know and i really enjoy all of her videos, Staying true to her self, she uses a very accessible languages with humor and creativity making fashion very easy to appreciate to the masses. She also finds time to show other interests like traveling, horror movies and books and of course her pugs. I feel that her videos are so well made and fun to watch that she deserves all the good things that came with becoming someone relevant, Here are a few examples of her videos:

May The Almighty GIP be with you,



2 thoughts on “Favorite Youtube – CutiePie Marzia

  1. Actually, very recently I found that I really like her videos, apart from the fashion ones, those I don’t have a lot of interest in. XD I always watched some of her videos, but I realized she is really good at it, I think it is, as you said, the personal touch she shows, how she stays true to herself, and how funny she is, original, cute, cool.
    My favourites are the horror ones.
    From now on I’ll be seeing Marzia’s videos a lot more.

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