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[Jan14] Ciilvie

The Maze Runner


-> It’s the typical dystopian movie. We have a mysterious world in which people act in weird forms and follow every order give them, because plot, until the protagonist shows up and starts questioning everything. Pretty standard.

The story of this movie, as the title reveals, it’s inside a maze. The protagonist gets carried over there through a cargo elevator until he reaches an unfamiliar place filled with strangers. He doesn’t remember anything, awfully convenient, panics and runs for his life but he doesn’t get far since he is trapped by really tall walls. So, like any regular folks, Thomas, after hinting his head remembers his name cuz reasons, starts asking many questions but all he gets is half a sentence. Let me explain.

Thomas asks: “Why can’t we leave this place?” and the answer to that is “We can’t cuz rules and shit”. So, not happy with the sassy answer he decides to move anyway until he get’s tackled by the leader and the reason why he can’t cross becomes pretty clear, the walls closed. He escapes from certain crushing dead by chance. Why not saying, “The walls are closing soon, try again tomorrow.”, why be a dick like this? Because the plots demands it.

That is one of the things that piss me off quite often in a movie, they just make people act like robots because they want to keep the mystery of the plot to a maximum extension so the surprise factor doesn’t get lost. It never worked before and it doesn’t work here, sorry. And the worse part of all, the maze is stupid. Really, the more you think about the more confusing it gets and it’s just a hot mess. So, just ignore most of the info, trust me.

To make things worse, the characters are flat and poorly constructed and when they start changing that and working to give them some dept it’s already to late and the interest is lost. The protagonist doesn’t add anything, he is just the big clog of the plot, he makes things move. The romantic pair doesn’t have chemistry or it’s not believable because they hardly spend time together. Thinking again, this is the problem to all characters. Some reactions are not believable since they hardly talk more than a hello or a goodbye. The only thing that saves this movie is that it looks great and the action scenes are pretty neat.

Good to spend a few empty hours but nothing more to it.

May The Almighty GIP be with you,



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