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Favorite Authors – Lara Adrian


Because not everything in life needs to be balanced, i took today to express my appreciation for one of my favorite authors of all time. She is a writing machine and she does it better than anyone, even if sometimes i don’t relate to the story, i still can’t find flaws in her craft. She is that good.

Little Biography:

Born in Michigan, Usa in 1966, Lara Adrian started her adventure in writing when she released to the public the first book of her grand series, The Midnight Breed Series and she never stopped since then, launching other books under the name of Tina St. John or collaborating with other great authors of paranormal romance.

Her series:

The Midnight Breed Series

The Phoenix Code Series

Masters of Seduction

The Dragon Chalice Series e The Warrior Trilogy (as Tina St. John)

How to contact her:

Lara is one of the best people i know and she is always ready to talk to her fans, in any platform she owns. We see her almost everyday on social media and is you ask a question, she will reply with a big smile. She is that great!

Oficial Website:

Facebook, GoodReads, Pinterest, Twitter e Youtube.

May The Almighty GIP be with you,



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