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This was the book that i discovered in my usual bookshop, lost in the foreigner shelf, catched my eye for the cover and was bought by my sister because i wasn’t sure of it. I’m happy she takes chances on weird books because it turned out to be one of the fastest and funnest reads i did in a really long time.


  • Journaling: It was a tremendous twist from the usual narrative on books. It is pretty much like peeking into someones diary. They are very personal, written by five very different characters that get their own voice. It’s incredibly effective and well put together. It was a bold move from Lisi but it sure paid off, since this book is entirely fiction and has no connection to factual events.
  • Fast, easy: The format is very easy to read since the narrative is free. In a journal all is allowed, is something you keep to yourself, not meant to be evaluated by other’s criticism. That is a bonus to get the target audience interested and probably will make them read other things when the time comes. And for someone used to reading thicker books it’s a good distraction and feels like a breeze.
  • Personality: The characters scream personality. They are so well built that they feel real from chapter one. Every on of them is unique, original and entertaining. Even with their problems and bad decisions they are still likable, we feel their struggles personally because we all been them at some point of our life. Sheridan Spencer, Andrew Duffy, Lily Bader-Huffman, Vanessa Riley, and Jagger did a great job.


  • Youth, right?: I feel that since it’s a light story maybe not everyone will get into it. It is about teenager problems and their struggles, and even though it’s well balanced, it’s just not meant to please everyone. People that enjoy stories that are a bit darker and twisted will probably have a bad time with it.
  • Infinite pop culture: The reason i love this book is due to it’s many references to pop culture. But not everyone is familiar with it and some people just think it’s plain dumb. It’s ok, not judging anybody, but if you fit in this category this book is not for you.

-> Favorite Line:

” FOE NO YOU DIZN’T!” by Vanessa Riley.

Final grade: Four and half stars. (4,5/5)

May The Almighty GIP be with you,



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